Caliche to Construct World’s Largest Helium Salt Storage Cavern at Spindletop Complex

GMJ client Caliche Development Partners II (Caliche) reveals groundbreaking plans for the world’s largest helium salt storage cavern at Golden Triangle Storage (GTS) in Beaumont, TX. This initiative marks North America’s second helium cavern, building on Caliche’s success with the inaugural cavern at Coastal Caverns.

The helium project will be the company’s first of five phases of growth at GTS, made possible under its newly received tax abatement agreements. Each phase includes utilizing one or two of the nine permitted cavern locations, two of which are presently in service in Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) certificated natural gas storage.

To learn more, read the December 2023 Beaumont Business Journal issue.

Image credit: Caliche & PR Newswire