OCI Initiates $1 Billion Blue Hydrogen-Derived Ammonia Plant in Beaumont, Texas

GMJ clients OCI Global are investing $1 billion into constructing one of the world’s largest blue hydrogen-derived ammonia plants in Beaumont, Texas. Despite the absence of third-party offtake agreements, OCI is committed to supplying its fertilizer production portfolio upon the plant’s 2025 completion. This initiative underscores OCI’s dedication to sustainable chemical production, aligning with global demand for low-carbon alternatives.

“Ammonia demand grows every year regardless,” Bashir Lebada, CEO of OCI’s methanol and fuels business (known as OCI Methanol and OCI HyFuels respectively), tells Hydrogen Insight. “We’re constantly adding plants because demand is growing at a five, six per cent clip every year. And if we’re building [new] supply, we want to build it in the most low-carbon way we can, using the incentive programs that are in place for that. But now, the fact of the matter is that you cannot build green [hydrogen production] at scale.”

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