Business Development

Relying on decades of experience and relationships in business and industry, GMJ works with its clients to level the playing field and even create advantages. We work aggressively to identify business opportunities, to get clients’ messages to decision-makers, and to secure opportunities to showcase products and services.

Whether you are a new supplier trying to break into the market or an established contractor hoping to take your business to the next level, GMJ’s relationships and trust, developed over decades, helps you get a foot in the right doors.

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Creating advantages for our clients

GMJ knows that no two businesses are exactly alike, and understand the nuances and customized needs to address all while using past successes from other businesses to serve as reference or guiding principles for creating smart, sustainable solutions.

GMJ has experience in various fields and high-stakes projects such as:

  • Strategic partnerships and affiliate-building
  • Succession and company transition
  • Interpersonal communications consulting
  • Relationship building – Communication

GMJ offers a unique perspective to business consulting because of our knowledgeable subject matter experts and because of our multi-field experience.

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