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The GMJ team has been directly involved in negotiating more than $30 billion in expansion and relocation projects, including some of the most recognizable names in business and industry.

A business considering an expansion or relocation will typically weigh a number of factors before making a final site selection. These might include availability of trained workforce and labor cost, proximity to customers, accessibility to key roadways and other transportation infrastructure, quality of life issues, cost of living, political and business climates, real estate costs, availability of incentives, legal considerations and others. Our team guides clients in evaluating these factors and formulating strategies on a final site selection.

site selection
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Guiding Clients on Site Selection

Our overarching goal is to identify the location that best meets the needs of the client and delivers the greatest and long-term return on investment.

It is important that the GMJ team be involved in this process from the earliest stage. Timing and sequencing of meetings and other activities are critical, and any misstep can jeopardize valuable incentives.

GMJ has experience in various fields and high-stakes projects such as:

  • Industrial expansions
  • Corporation re-locations and expansions
  • Assistance with commercial property acquisitions
  • Contractor and real estate networking
  • Strategic partnerships and affiliate-building
  • Contract negotiation consulting
  • Succession and company transitions
  • Interpersonal communications consulting

GMJ offers a unique perspective to business consulting because of our knowledgeable subject matter experts and because of our multi-field experience.

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